Dr. Punyamurtula S. Kishore MD writes a letter to the Boston Globe

Letter to the Editor – January 16, 1977

Letter to the Editor

Boston Sunday Globe – January 16,1977

boston globe article Jan 16,1977

Dr. Punyamurtula S. Kishore gets a job at the Washingtonian Center

Forest Hils Hospital - Washingtonian housing


Former members of the Washington Total Abstinence Society of Boston opened the Home for the Fallen in 1857 in Jamaica Plain, which became the Washingtonian Home in 1859. The home for men relied on moral suasion and advocated total abstinence. In 1939 it reorganized as the Washingtonian Hospital, was licensed by the Department of Mental Health, and became, by its own account, the first private non-profit alcohol addiction hospital in the country. Since a growing number of clients needed help for drugs other than alcohol, the hospital became the Washingtonian Center for Addictions in 1970. The center provided both in- and out-patient, medical and non-medical, care. It was devoted to treatment, education and training, prevention and research in the field of drug and alcohol addiction.



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